Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Forgotten Uncle (But Not Anymore)

Photo from Blog Pak Al


He is the most unpopular uncle (sorry to said that Pak Al) among the sons of Arwah Haji Mat Tuyu. But to those who know him will say that he is no different with others Arwah Haji Mat Tuyu sons. He likes to joke and has good sense of humor but a little bit lighter compared to Pak Anjang or Pak Ajak. In term of seriousness (face expression) I put him at number three behind Arwah Ayahlong (off course) and Pok De.

Pak Al is true KL citizen. I used to see him left home to work as early as seven o’clock in the morning and reach home just about Maghrib prayer. The same goes to Mak Al but she will reach home early to cook for the family.

The uncle title or nickname “Pak Al” was used to address his name among his nieces and nephews. Unlike others Arwah Mat Tuyu children with the title like ayah long, mak ngah, pak uda or pak usu, Pak Al don’t have that title. What is more interesting when Pak Al get married we all just call his wife Mak Al. For those who had many children you can use “al” as title name for second last child.

If my memory serves me well his early jobs was with KTM (correct me if I am wrong Pak Al) and later with Jabatan Perangkaan Negara.

I don’t know whether we all aware or not that Pak Al is the only Arwah Haji Mat Tuyu who is graduated from university. No wonder Pak Al is a very busy. He still study even he already had four children. That is why Pak Al seldom “balik kampong”. Only during major event like hari raya or wedding we can meet with Pak Al. Thanks God hari raya not fall once every five years, if not we have to wait five years to meet Pak Al.

If my memory serves me well his early jobs was with KTM (correct me if I am wrong Pak Al) and later with Jabatan Perangkaan Negara.

Beside Pok De, Pak Al also unofficial photographer for Mat2U family during his younger day but I had no idea where the all the photos went to. Family photo shot during hari raya if I not mistaken in 1980 was captured by Pak Al’s camera. I myself was very excited because it was first time I saw camera with self-timer. Pak Al is also a good musician. He used to be a bassist and later keyboardist with BSN’s band and travel all over the country to perform in BSN’s official function. We can see Pak Al still not loose his touch as a musician when he jammed with Pak Usu and Pak Anjang during Mashita’s wedding.

But I believe all cousins have same respect to Pak Al as others uncle. If Pak Al can spend a little bit more time at our kampong I believe you can share your experience and knowledge with us. Thank you Pak Al.

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